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Pandora media's ceo Pandora Bracelets Cheap Canada presents at annual stockholders Buy pandora bracelets meeting business call transcript Good morning along with gentlemen.With respect to pandora, i would love to thank you for attending our 2014 annual meeting of stockholders.I will be ceo, ceo and chairman of the board of pandora.And i will call the 2014 annual meeting to order.I only desire to start By introducing bob kavner, our lead director who is here in the listeners, and also two folks of our executive team, mike sardines, our new cfo;And moreover delida costin, our frequent counsel.Also indicate is edward kennedy of ernst young;Martin wellington associated davis polk wardwell, our outside lawyer.And the board of directors has appointed broadridge financial expert services, corporation.To act as our inspector of spolitical election, christie an agent broadridge has previously taken her oath as inspector of elections.Right now, i asks ms.Costin to begin the formal percentage of the meeting.Thanks a lot, brian.Before asking upon the matters established in the notice of meeting, let me cover some step-By-Step points.If you have sent in a proxy card or delivered one conducted meeting and do not revoke it at this meeting, your vote will be counted hastily without any further action on your part.If you've still got a proxy card, which you want voted please raise your hand and it will be collected.While you have previously delivered a proxy card, for that you choose and now wish to revoke by voting your shares in person, please lift up your hand.If you would like vote your shares in person, please raise your hand and the inspector of elections can provide the ballot.Mister.Chairman, i present the affidavit of handing them out of broadridge financial solutions, corporation, which states that the notice of meeting and freebies and proxy materials and annual report were mailed on or about april 22, 2014 to stockholders of doc on april 8, 2014;Which was the record date for stockholders qualified for vote eligible for notice of this meeting, which is relative to the bylaws of pandora.I'll now establish for the record that the meeting has been properly convened and that there's a quorum present for the transaction of business.This meeting has been called as stated by the companies bylaws and the required notice has been given.Using the list of stockholders of record as of the close of business on the record date, april 8, 2014, there were issued and owing 205, 332, 382 voices of common stock.A duplicate record has been on file at the principal place of job of the company for the last 10 days immediately prior to the date of this meeting, and has been intended for inspection by any stockholder during that period at any time during normal business hours.A quorum for this meeting requires the presence either in person or by proxy of holders of most the shares outstanding on the record date or at least 102, 666, 192 provides.I have been advised by the inspector of elections that a total in excess of 185, 889, 093 million shares or more than 90% were met for in person or by proxy at the opening of this meeting.This total represents a lot of the shares outstanding on the record date resulting in a quorum, and the joining is duly constituted, and the particular business of the meeting may proceed.Appreciate it, delida.The report of the secretary on the use of a quorum is accepted.I direct that the affidavit of submission to be made part of the minutes of this meeting.We may now proceed to transact the companhy for which this meeting has been called.The election of each candidate for director shall count on a plurality of the votes cast at this meeting, and the nominees who obtain most votes will be elected.The ratification of the dialogue of ernst young llp as our independent registered public accounting firm for the year ending december 31, 2014 shall count on a majority of the shares present or represented by proxy with respect to this proposal.The approval of the 2014 employee stock purchase plan shall count on a majority of the shares present or represented by proxy with respect to this proposal.The first order of clients are to elect the nominees of class iii directors to the board of directors.As indicated in send out proxy statement, the board of directors has selected peter chernin, and tim westergren as class iii directors to the board of directors of company.You're able to send bylaws require that a stockholder provide advanced notice to the company of a stockholder's intent to nominate persons as directors.No such notice was got.Keeping that in mind, i declare the nominations for administrators closed.So the second matter to come before the meeting is the ratification of the appointment of the firm of ernst young llp as send out independent registered public accounting firm for the year ending december 31, 2014.The third matter to come prior to the meeting is the approval of the 2014, employee stock select plan, because no further clients are scheduled to come before the stockholders, i declare the polls from each matter to be voted on at this meeting open at 7:34 now, June 4, 2014, And direct that a vote of the stockholders to be studied.I declare the polls for every matter voted upon at this meeting closed at 7:36 right now June 4, 2014, And direct the Inspector of Elections to gather and tabulate the ballet.In that time, i would choose to introduce edward kennedy with ernst young llp.He will have a chance to make a statement or to answer any appropriate questions you may have.Good several hours.I have no assertions.Best wishes.Mister.Andrew d chernin, and tim westergren is elected the appointment of ernst young llp as the business's independent public accounting firm is ratified.In about 2014, employee stock acquire plan has been approved.The inspector of elections will furnish the company with a written report of the final vote count based on the matters voted on today, which shall be within the minutes of this meeting.This concludes the formal business to be brought ahead of the meeting.And if there's really no other business, the date is adjourned.Right this moment, these chairman, and ceo will answer proper questions from our stockholders.As a result, we're really specific here.And you will find, we are nationwide, new zealand identical, you may recognise that, but we are around australia and new zealand, and we certainly have over 1.6 million disclosed listeners now, And we started selling business there as well.So we are thinking about other countries over time, but there are challenges to be worked out in terms of figuring out just what the best countries, the best purchases, and make certain we figure out what the royalty structure are either country by country or through some of oto.We did actually recently hire somebody who is sole focus is cosmopolitan and help us figure out, what are everlasting strategy is.Soon, another main issue, one second one.I learned that the restriction is not applied to smartphones.I did a controlled test in hotels pandora bracelet uk official with my laptop, and i was denied the advantage of pandora.But i used an android based mobile phone with a pandora app and that connected us to the hotel wi fi setup, i recieve from[indiscernible] absolutely suit, did i discover about or is that an attribute?I'm unacquainted with that, get real and buti am talking about, what is your intent to make computers and smartphones to be dissimilar?Not at all.Carefully, it's good for us to know and we will take it back to our technology team and just listen.Wl, our plan to appeal to totally any age group, and certainly your age group as well is to create the best playlist technology.So that we're playing the song that you most want to here when hear it, if you'd like to hear it.So we've invested a lot of money and engineering wedding ceremony into making our product as good as it is and hopefully better and better over time.So it comes down to the music genome project, that listen at pandora and collect attributes for a song and rate attribute.And then we use technology and have about 50 algorithm additionally to make it better and better.At this moment, we are different in a few of these other offerings that modifies with an on demand offering, allowing you to pick a specific song and hear that at a time.We are really not an on demand offering, we're cyberspace radio, so you can pick an artist you like and then hear other songs similar, you can sum up some down and give a commentary and refine that.

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